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Life at Tulloch Primary School

Welcome to Tulloch Primary School 

Tulloch Primary School is situated in the Tulloch area of North West Perth. Today the school proudly boasts of a state-of-the-art building built in 2017.  However the original building was built in 1969 on the site of Pullars of Perth. Historically this area has been associated with the dyers and cleaning company. Many years ago the works used the water from the Town Lade close by. This company was responsible for much of the early building in the area which included a school for the children of the employees, a workers’ club and sporting facilities.

This industrial district has developed into a much larger dwelling area while still maintaining the historical identity and supportive community spirit. The Tulloch Primary School catchment has had a considerable amount of development recently which has brought in families from wider afield than Perth. Instead of using the Lade for industrial use, the wider community now use the cycle and walk way for leisure, linking this area to the centre of Perth and out to the countryside north of Perth. With such a valuable resource within the locality the school is keen to protect and develop the Lade's future and has an ongoing ECO project assessing the Lade's maintenance.

Within Tulloch Primary School we aim to enable pupils to achieve their potential personally, socially and intellectually. We are committed to supporting the children to become responsible citizens, successful learners, confident contributors, and effective communicators. This happens to be the four areas identified in the new Curriculum for Excellence but they are also the philosophies which we have always endorsed within this school. We all have to learn to seek knowledge, accept a challenge, make responsible decisions and live with the consequences of our actions. If we instil this into our next generation, teamwork, good citizenship and responsible citizens will follow.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming place where we work together on a journey of learning. 

Our school motto is "Courage and Compassion" and we continually strive to ensure that our children have the confidence to face new challenges and that we treat everyone with respect and kindness.  

We hope you find our website interesting and informative.