Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Life at Tulloch Primary School


The Nursery Information Leaflet for 2018-19 for Nursery information is available on the link below.

Nursery Information 2018/19

Any further information please contact the school office or speak to Nursery Staff who will be happy to help.


Senior Early Childhood Practitioner: Linda Reid

Early Childhood Practitioners:

Julie McGregor

Tracey Abed (Mon-Wed)

Rebecca Goodfellow (Thurs- Fri)

Danielle McCall

Lynsey Frew

Mary Fullerton (am)

Marie Lindsay

Play Assistant:

Tanya Guthrie

Mandy McCall

ELCC Modern Apprentice:

Anna McGrath

Peripatetic Support Teacher (one visit per week on varying days):

Lynsey Grant