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P1/2 Rm3

Welcome to P1/2 with Ms Robb.


A different start to Term 3 but we have developed so much in Terms 1 and 2 that we will be ready to take on remote learning!  Each day we will complete literacy, maths and a health and wellbeing or topic assignments, shared through our virtual class on Microsoft Teams.

Primary 1 have now learned all the alphabet sounds and letter formations and are now exploring diagraphs (2 letter sounds).  Primary 2 are discovering alternative letter patterns for some phonemes.  In Term 3 we will continue to develop our blending of phonemes to help us read and write words with increasing independence.  We are also continuing to build on our knowledge of common words (frequently used words that are tricky to read and spell) and develop our independence at checking spellings using a word bank.  In Primary 1 we are learning how to build sentences and Primary 2 are developing their writing to include more detail while checking their sentences for wee mistakes such as their use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  We will also keep checking our letter and number formation and develop our fine motor skills (finger muscles) to help our pencil and scissors control. 

In maths we have been developing our understanding of bigger numbers and will continue to do so with place value and adding and subtracting.  We are using these skills to help us with money and information handling, such as completing surveys and data gathering through the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  We will also explore time and reading clocks.

For health and wellbeing, we have completed the Resilience Alphabet, helping us to consider our mental wellbeing.  We will look at aspects of mental wellbeing in more depth through the ICE Pack programme with focus on the questions ‘What do I feel?’ and ‘What do I value?’  There will also be a focus on how to use ICT safely while we stay connected and help us feel included.

During our remote learning we will also practise all our maths and literacy skills across different play opportunities while developing our understanding of our topic ‘Celebrations’.  We are looking forward to exploring different celebrations and cultural traditions from around the world such as Burns Night, the Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day and Valentines Day.


Look what we have been up to since we started P1/2 ...

Term 1 Teacher Talk


We have had a great start to Primary 1/2, building new friendships and exploring our new class and routines.  We have talked our school values of Ready, Respect and Safe, along with our school motto of Courage and Compassion and have chosen our superhero values for our Class Charter. 

This term we are focusing on our right to be heard (Article12 Rights of the Child) such as by sharing our thoughts and opinions, taking turns to talk and listening with respect while we learn about each other.  We were very excited to get a letter from Paddington Bear with the help of UNICEF to tell us about himself and his home in London.  When we wrote back to tell Paddington about ourselves, he sent us a new postcard from El Salvador and told us about a boy called Vladimir who loves to play football.  He has promised to send us a letter every month to tell us about lots of different children around the world and about the rights of a child. 

We have also been exploring our feelings and how to build our inner strength and wellbeing through the Resilience Alphabet.

In Primary 1 we have started to learn our letter sounds and formations and in Primary 2 we are practising our letter sounds and blending them to read and write words.  We especially enjoy practising writing them in shaving foam or with chalk in the playground.  We have also been practising writing our names and recognising tricky common words and particularly like active spelling, such as making them with our own pot of playdough.

In reading Primary 1 are learning all about our characters and looking carefully at the picture clues to help read the story.  In Primary 2 we are enjoying exploring information books and are working hard at recognising our common words and sounding out tricky words while learning lots of new facts.

In maths we are enjoying using the different resources such as numicon to learn about matching amounts to number digits, comparing quantities, counting on and back, place value and addition facts.  We have also explored time through our daily timetable, creating a birthday line and are exploring seasons.

What a busy term already!  Fantastic effort everyone in P1/2!