Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P1 Room 1

Welcome to P1 with Mrs Watt and Mrs Robb.


This term is slightly different than we expected but we have no doubt Primary 1 will rise to the challenge.

We are building on all the great learning from last term.  We now know all our initial sounds and are ready to start building words by blending our letters together.  We will be learning new phonemes this term beginning with ‘sh’ and we will continue to use our common words to help us read our books. 

We will be looking at numbers beyond 10 and 2D shapes this term in numeracy and we will be learning how to subtract using lots of different resources. We love using ICT to support our learning so this will continue with our home learning. 

We will be really focusing on our Health and Wellbeing this term and we will have lots of online catch ups to have a chat and share a story.  We started this on day 1 with a super playtime catch up.

Mrs Watt and Mrs Robb are always proud of the children for making fantastic progress with learning, this term will be no different. 


Primary 1 Room 1 have had a busy but very settled start to term.  We are getting very good with our sounds and can write lots of common words with confidence.   We have started to add numbers together in maths and we are getting really good making our sums with the gems and other objects around our classroom and home. 

We have met up with our Primary 7 buddies this term.  We were delighted to receive our very own stories written by our buddies! We spent time outside listening to our stories and then drawing our favourite part.  Our buddies are hard at work designing some board games for us to play in class.  We can’t wait to see these when they are finished!

We are really enjoying being part of whole school assemblies and are all trying very hard to be the person who receives ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’

Mrs Watt and Mrs Robb are very proud of all the children for making super progress this term.


All the children have settled very quickly into Primary 1 and have made lots of new friends.  We are enjoying doing all the action rhymes for the new sounds we are learning and playing lots of games in the classroom and outside.  We are enjoying meeting all the characters in our new reading books and are getting very good at telling a story.  We have been busy working on our numbers to 10, we love using the Numicon to help us count.  We really enjoyed creating our own Class Charter with lots of superheroes who look very familiar!  Primary 1 is a lot of fun!