Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P5 Rm7

Welcome to P5 with Mr Wright.


This term we are starting back using Remote Learning. Most of us are working from our own houses while a few of us are still in school. We will continue to have opportunities to come together and share our ideas: we aim to meet every day using MS Teams. We will  meet to take part in live lessons, ask questions, support each other, discuss our assignments and celebrate our successes. We will also post our assignments using MS Teams. We are looking forward to improving our digital skills.

Our Context for Learning is  about “The Vikings”. We will start by creating questions that interest us. We will then learn how to identify reliable sources of information. We will create our own information books that compare and contrast  societies from the past with our own.

For Numeracy, we will be learning about Money and Finance. We will investigate how different combinations of coins and notes can be used and we will learn strategies for calculating change accurately. We will also learn to compare costs and determine affordability within a given budget. Another aspect of our numeracy learning will be to collect, organise and display data  in a variety of ways, including through the use of digital technologies.

For Literacy, there is a whole school focus on Talking and Listening. We will be getting better at planning and delivering short presentations as well as talking and listening in small groups about subjects that interest us. Also for Literacy, we will be improving our note taking and this will help us write factual and creative texts.

Although remote learning is sure to be challenging at times, we are going to make the best of it while looking forward to being physically together again back in class when it is safe.


We have settled back well after the October holiday. Everyone in the class has already made it onto the recognition board! We really enjoyed our Halloween Fun Day last Friday.

In Maths, we have been learning about angles. We have been estimating and measuring angles as well as solving problems. We have also been learning about compass directions and co-ordinates. We are going to be moving on to learn about time very soon.

In spelling, we are getting better at using different strategies to help us with tricky words. For example, we can use “word-shape”, “syllabification” and “compound word” strategies to help us.

We are reading a class novel- “Eye of the Wolf- which is a fast-paced imaginative story with brilliant similes and metaphors. We have been discussing the book together to help improve our comprehension skills.

We have started learning to write stories that build a feeling of suspense. This week, we are going to write a setting description using lots of detail.

We have really enjoyed getting outside for PE. Our topic is invasion games and we are learning about defence and attack. We have been playing football and will be moving on to learn hockey, basketball and handball.

We have met Mrs McAuley who is working with the class for the next 5 weeks. She is gaining classroom experience as part of her course at Dundee University. So far, we have played a fun game with her to get to know her better and she has started to help us learn maths games.


Hola and welcome to P5 Rm7.  We have all been as busy as bumble bees.  Since coming back to school we have talked about what we want to learn and have added this to our planning wall.  Some of the things we are interested in include animals, history, art and animation.

We are enjoying learning Spanish with Mrs Baptie and already know how to say good morning, good afternoon and good night.

We have created a display all about RESPECT and have agreed as a class that we ALWAYS TRY OUR BEST!