Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

P7 Room 12

Welcome to P7 with Mrs Laahs-Bloomer and Mrs Watt.


Happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3. For the next 3 weeks learning will take place online via Microsoft Teams. Daily tasks will be set for children to complete and engage with. Class meetings will be scheduled to allow children the opportunity to discuss any questions they have regarding their learning and activities. Additional learning activities and ideas will be regularly shared via the school website and Twitter page so please do check these out! After discussing with the children last term, we have decided that our topic is going to be learning about World War Two, which I know the boys and girls are very much excited about.
Looking forward to seeing you all virtually!


This term our class topic is Africa. We have worked together to create our Big Questions and are enjoying using ICT to research some of these questions. We are looking forward to creating PowerPoint Presentations to demonstrate what we have been learning.

In Maths, we have been very busy learning all about Fractions. Although we are learning lots of new tricky concepts, we are enjoying the challenge of this. Mrs Laahs-Bloomer is very proud of us all.
Here are some comments about how we are finding maths:

‘I was surprised at how easy I have found simplifying fractions’ – Tatiana.

‘When Mrs Laahs-Bloomer first told us we were going to be learning about fractions I was worried it was going to be really tricky but actually I am now feeling more confident with fractions’ – Grace.

‘When I don’t understand I know I can just ask for help and that makes it easier’ – Adam.

‘I am looking forward to learning how to multiply and divide fractions’ – Nathan.

In Literacy, we have all created a spooky story using ambitious vocabulary. We are also all enjoying our new reading books. We have been using metalinguistics to find out the meaning of tricky words.
Here are some comments about what we have enjoyed about this task:

‘I was very proud of my story even though it gave me nightmares’ – Nadia.

‘I like writing gory stories and so I have to use my imagination and lots of ambitious vocabulary’ – Adam.

‘I enjoyed writing my scary story because I liked creating characters and describing the setting’ – Grace.

‘I like being able to write a scary story because it was different from what I would normally write about’ – Tatiana.

‘I like creating scary stories which have lots of twists and turns!’ – Flynn.

In Art, we have been experimenting using different materials and tools to create detailed images. As part of the Halloween Fun Day we created fantastic silhouette images using chalks. Here are some images of our art work:
















We have had a busy start to P7 and have been getting to know each other as a new class (and for some, a new teacher!)  We have spent time sharing our skills, hobbies and setting our goals for the year ahead.

In Maths, we have been revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have been working on tricky word problems and have been challenging ourselves to learn long division.

In Literacy, we have been using ambitious vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation in writing.  Mrs Laahs-Bloomer has been very impressed and proud of our recent imaginative stories.

Alongside maths and literacy we have been focusing on Health and Wellbeing.  As a class we have discussed our lockdown experiences and feelings.  We have also been learning how to show respect, support each other and how to be kind.

We are currently preparing letters to send to our P1 Buddy Class and are looking forward to meeting them virtually and creating some games for them to play outside.

Additionally, we are working hard just now to apply for House Captains and Vice Captains.  We are all looking forward to a busy year in P7!