Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School



Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the term whether you are at home or at school at the moment.

This term we will be starting a new topic on Wild Animals. I hope you are all looking forward to learning and researching lots of facts about animals that live in the wild. There will be lots of links online to help with our learning and loads of fun arty jobs which I know you all love!

We will also be going over our IEP targets and setting new ones at the beginning of February. Everyone is making great progress so I am sure this new term will see you all rise to the challenge of the next steps in your learning both at home and in school.

We will continue to work on all our individual literacy and numeracy goals. Alongside this we will be doing daily Health and Wellbeing activities to ensure we are all fit, healthy and safe.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone reach for the stars as always!

Miss McGregor, Mrs Moran and Mrs Thomson


In Starburst we have been working really hard. We have been learning all about the seasons and weather. We know all our Makaton signs for Weather! Our topic has covered what you do in different seasons, what you wear and the animals you see. We have worked so hard to make some brilliant art including a giant rainbow with our hands and feet!