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First Level Remote Learning

Welcome to our First Level webpage.  The optional guidance, ideas and activities given here will help provide additional learning experiences to the daily tasks given via the Home Learning Seesaw App or the alternative pack.  Feel free to explore the different Remote Learning webpages for activities that your child finds interesting.

Please note, some online activities are proving to be very popular, especially in the morning, and are struggling to meet that demand.  Please leave until later if you experience this, have a go at some of the off-line activities, or give your child some real-life learning with household tasks - such as make a meal together (and if they complain, tell them their teacher says!)

Kind regards,

the staff of Tulloch Primary

Online Experiences

First the classroom firm favourites: 

Teach Your Monster To Read - an educational game that helps children develop their reading and spelling confidence, from practising the first sounds to memorising tricky common words.  It is currently free to download the app but is permanently free to play on a computer.  Some children may have school passwords for this, however it is just as useful to do without a passwords.



Hit The Button - a fun, frantic game that helps pupils to remember their number bonds (adding facts) and times tables.



Education City - a great online resource for all primary ages to practise Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Computing and French skills.  All children have a password and can access this site during school hours.



Oxford Owl - whether you are missing Biff, Chip and Kipper with their magic key or fancy exploring Treasure Island together, you can sign up for free to Oxford Owl and access their eBook Library.



Cosmic Kids YouTube Channel - join Cosmic Kids for some online yoga, mindfulness and relaxation.  Great for burning off some energy or encouraging a bit of focus and quiet time. 



KS1 Activity Book - available to download for free from TTS, gives a huge range of activities to try out.



Twinkle: First Level

Access to a printer?  Twinkl provides resources and downloads for all curriculum areas. Usually their premium content requires a subscription but they are offering all resources free in the event of school closures.



More sites with guidance, ideas and activities will be added in due course but in the meantime keep an eye out for some interesting challenges on our Twitter @TullochPrimary.