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Home Holiday Club

All set for a wee break from school learning but want a few fun ideas to do during the holidays?  Keep an eye on this page for some fun activities to do at home or on your daily walk!

Practical Experiences

Have a go at the following offline activities for a bit of fun and creativity:

Lego Challenge

Pobble Non-Screen Activities

Virtual Glee Choir

Always wanted to join the Glee Choir?  Now is your chance with Frission Foundation's Virtual Glee Choir.  Register to join their singing and dancing workshops, follow instructions in how to record and send in your performance and watch the virtual Glee choir come together to fill a virtual stage.  


Tate Kids

Explore your creative side with Tate Kids and get some arty ideas for home or online projects.


Dynamic Earth

Find out about the history of our planet and the science behind climate change through some fun kitchen experiments with Dynamic Earth.


The Great Bug Hunt Competition

Go on a bug hunt around your house or on your daily walk and make it into a project.  If you spot a spider or woodlouse, find out all about it. Draw it. Examine it (carefully!) What does it eat? Where does it live? Maybe even write a story or poem about it. Design a poster. Shoot a video.  Whatever you choose to do, enter your project into the competition by 12th June!


Wildlife Trust

Give nature a helping hand with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and give wildlife food and shelter.


NASA Kids Club

Set off on a galactic space mission with NASA Kids Club, whether it is navigating your rover on Mars or designing a space rocket.