Tulloch Primary School

Life at Tulloch Primary School

House Captains


Hi, I am Tatiana and the House Captain for Grainger.  I am in P7 and my teachers are Mrs Laahs & Mrs Watt.

Before this lockdown, I worked with the other house and vice captains in my class and sometimes (socially distanced) with the other house and vice captains from the other class. We would arrange things for the rest of the school to do  and we would share these activities during online assemblies,

I enjoy many sports including cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, dance and much more.  I also like to sing, act and spend time with my family and pets. 

My favourite subject in school would be literacy (only the writing stories part though!)

The house and vice captains and I have already done a lot, so you have my word that I will make sure to do my best to do much more to suit the pupils of Tulloch Primary in the future!


 Hi, I am Addison and I am the Vice Captain for Grainger.

I’m in P7 and my teachers are Mrs Laahs-Bloomer & Mrs Watt.

I enjoy dancing and gymnastics!  The tasks I had as a vice captain before we went into lockdown again were to arrange different events or activities for the different pupils around the school and nursery,

I have enjoyed being able to express my opinions in different ways with things to do about the school. 

I enjoy spending time with my dog and playing with her in the garden.

Being a vice captain is amazing!

Hello my name is Oskar and I am Murray's House Captain. I'm in P7 and my teacher is Mrs Hogg.

The subjects I like to do at school are maths, reading, science, writing and art.

The sports I love to do are basketball and table tennis and my hobbies are singing and drawing.

It was always my goal to become the house or vice captain of Murray and I am glad I achieved it because it's a great experience that will help me in the future.  It helps me build confidence and other useful skills too.


Hi, I'm Lexxi and I am the Vice Captain for Murray. The class I'm in is Primary 7and my teachers are Mrs Laahs-Bloomer and Mrs Watt.

After the first lockdown I started to feel more confident and happy with myself and my goal was to put my self out there and be a house or vice captain.  When I found out I was over the moon with excitement and happiness! You should always believe in yourself and set goals for yourself.

Before lockdown I would go to gymnastics and if I didn't have the best day or wasn't feeling myself and didn't want to go, I would still go as it makes me happy and I would feel better when I went.  

As vice captain I think we all have done so much and we work so hard and will continue to do so. We always are doing something different whether that is adding up house point or chatting about ideas.  We hope to bring more challenges and fun activities to Tulloch Primary School! 



Hi!  I’m Miah, Stanning's House Captain and I’m in P7 with Mrs Hogg.

I love being in this role as it’s such a good experience! I also love to dance and play netball.  I love to do art at school and enjoy writing too!