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Resources to Support Learner's Needs at Home

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to sharing resources and tools that are used to support the various needs of learners with in school.  Many companies are providing free services during this time.  Keep an eye out for regular updates.

Boardmaker symbols

For visual symbols to help communication and understanding at home, click on the links below.

Boardmaker Visual Timetable

Boardmaker Home Activity Symbols

Boardmaker Food & Drink Symbols


Online Experiences


Clicker is used by many learners within school to support independent reading and writing.  This can be accessed for free and can help by providing:

  • Child-friendly word processing support that will enable pupils of all abilities to work independently.
  • Engaging resources on a wide range of curriculum topics to kick-start writing.
  • Can be used on and offline with easy sharing and saving options.



Singing Hands

Join this singing, Makaton signing duo for some fun stories, rhymes and pop songs in a live streamed session at 10:30am every weekday.



We Talk Makaton

Find out this week's Makaton sign of the week with We Talk Makaton.